Q-How long do Custom orders take?

 A- My current build times is around 3-5 weeks depending on

     complexity of the design. Please email for more details.


 Q- Is your gold and silver fair trade?

 A- Yes, all the Gold & Silver used in my designs are sourced from

      conflict-free mining zones.


 Q-What metals do you cast in?

 A -I cast in gold, platinum, silver, and brass.  


 Q-What finishes are available?

 A- Finishes available are Hammered, Aged Patina,

      Brushed, & High Polish.


Q- What Glow Colors are available?

A- Green,  Aqua, UV Purple, listed in order of glow duration


Q- How do I make my ring glow? 

A- Each glow ring comes with a UV flash light for    

     quickly charging up your rings.

     They can also be charged in direct sunlight in a few minutes.


Q- How long do they glow when fully charged?

A- Rings glow brightly, then slowly dim to an

     afterglow that lasts for several hours, &

     they can be recharged indefinitely.


Q- Are glow ring safe?

A-Yes we use a non-toxic, non-radioactive photoluminescent